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well i was try to translate my story at englis, sorry if no es correct grammar, cause really is very hard, only hope people can understand the story and get fun-

Through the blind filtering and a prodigious fan the bundles of of sunlight stretched incipient morning, bouncing off the unpolluted savannas of the rumpled bed that still knew the taste of the meat, sweat and passion of the previous night . She would soon to feel the warm caress of the early light in her face sketch a faint smile as he turned while stretching mumbled a yawn content:

- hmm ... still here ... you seem like a dream unreal ... you make me so happy ...

She sighed and felt between her thighs ooze out sinful remains of his desire and could not help but to reach out and thread her fingers in his hair swirling in the back of his neck, and for a moment his eyes slid in the curvature of his bare shoulders, exhaling his breath as a blasphemer heavenly choir on their sleepy eyes, and awoke as if he could hear angelic singing that silent avid cravings and lusts:

- I was watchin to me ? '- said as she stretched ... but she did not answer just simply smiled and continued as he reached his hand to caress her cheek: 
-So sweet ... you are so soft and delicate skin ... I love to see you smile, if I could get it were you forever this happy ... 
-You make me so happy ... My love

And to the hear her voice his eyes locked on her mouth by immersing in a languid echo soundproof a fleeting thought that even collapse time:

"... happy happy happy .. at the beginning are all so happy, every detail makes you happy, but then you begin with your suspicions if we are unable to make you love when she wants to do and when we want to, they too suspect, it seems that everything we did wrong .. and I. .. I just ... would always find this smile .. I ask no much .. But this time, it will not ... she's perfect "

 What's the matter , you stay Why so quiet at me , lol ... ?
- Nothing about , i was only thinking about somethings whit The Guys , they were right .
- Right about what ? -
- No , not at all .. the girls are beautiful when you smile ...that's all
- how you say thats GirlS? how many girlS?
- yeah i say .. all in general, all girls ... all seem so sweet when smile

- Am I all ?

- No, and love is just a means for me ... you're special for me

- No .. then you talk about sluts whit the guys .. i am a slut simply for you ? . i cant belive this...

- awww no shit ! .... Let it go ... , come here ... - said mischievously dragging at his side and getting up - hmmmm ... come here silly girl .. kiss me ..
-Not now I no longer want, leave me alone

- Why not, if I have not said anything wrong?

-you say this ... but no ..

-Fuck the girls .. no one will understand ....
-Really easy to understand do not say things you have no say ..

- But if I have not said anything .. just like I said you're beautiful ..!

- Sure .. think about it ...? -

Sure, I have nothing to think about and you are the prettiest girl in the world ...

-Exaggerating! hahaha

- Do not you silly ... see? you laughing again ... and you're beautiful, 'he said lie rushed biting mouth -

-Promise me then, you'll do me eternally happy .. and I will you do  to always smile

-I promise ..

And the minute after the little conversation they began to make love. Later stayed and He appeared with a bouquet of flowers and then invite her to a fancy restaurant downtown, and the next day they were hiking on a trip that was offering a route by train with romantic and the next month dinner you could see on the bookshelf entire collection of entertainments and gifts that had made him test her love. Everything was perfect ...
They made love day and night, and would wake up at night eating between kisses and hugs, caresses ate breakfast, visited a thousand places, showered gifts of all kinds ... and she could not stop smiling. And then He could not help but to want to go and tell the guys, wanted to share his happiness, and so approached the food market where one of them worked, in order to meet everyone and have everything in its absence months he had


John was there in one of the stalls, attending to the anvil blows his white apron ...

-Now you'll get it ... wait one second to finish this piece chopping
-Hey it's me .. John!,
- What's up dude .. you disappear and forget all huh?
-It's going to be .. just came to tell you the new ...
- What about the lottery you won the lottery ha ha ha?.

-No .. better ... I found the perfect woman ....
Hahaha-huh, but that exists? ... Well, well, tell me ..

-NO, come to that, I wanted to introduce her.

- I thought you had forgotten about ... ha ha ha

- Forget not that ever, I keep my promises ... but it's sometimes not as easy as you think ...?

-Come on dude!, come tonight we are, no more talk, I put the meat for dinner ha ha ha.

'I was waiting for ... dude, see you in the night ..

And that was that, when I get home I called her on the phone and told her dinner plans. She at first did not like too join with unknown, but a few flirtations enough to make her laugh and eventually consented to the match. So at evening, and they were ringing the doorbell of the house where they were left.

After logical presentations, it was observed that was the only girl Although being 12 guests and could not avoid be curious

- Can I ask you a question, if you will not tell, but as is so lovely that some guys like you do not have girlfriend, friend ... or that? -

Everyone laughed in unison and one replied:

-At the end is going be that we are not as awesome as you might think, and we're not able to do some girl so happy hahaha
-Wow ... so I do not know too much but you do not .. but ..
-Bah, Let it go, you have you here for everyone with your perfect smile will come .. sit down for dinner!.
Well lets go haha, who does not forgive me for asking, sorry

John joined the conversation.

-Come on,  leave you with questions, what about a bottle of wine for get started, because I have a delicatessen cooked ... you're going freaking out - and said the glasses and bottle in hand with a wink.
Uy-if I do not drink, I will be up to the head. - She said
-Hey girl, one day is one day, and not every day you lose your head .. we are among friends ...
-Well, all rigth haha just a little only

The little end resulting in a bottle after another, and she could not stop smiling at the jokes and the warm welcome so when I finally came to the dinner table could barely hold .

Well guys, I 'm going serving ... - John said
- I do not know if ... hip .. if I can .. hip - she replied unsteadily on one side and the other with his head resting on the elbows and then he came over and asked softly :
- Are you happy? .... my love -  He  whisper while he passed his arm around her shoulders

She looked up with half-closed eyes flashing a wide smile.

Yeah ... hmm ... hip hip honey am extremely happy ... hmmm

And immediately fell asleep still smiling , then John said :

- Is .. perfect - so another was added . :
- Yes, perfect ... - another continued .
- Yes, yes , it is ideal, in fact .. I think now is the time , and winked Him

A chorus of accomplices faces seemed to invite to follow, another said:

-I want to immortalize the moment .. I'll get the camera ...

He said:

- Will you have your honor, John.?

- How do not you know I am a specialist in these things? haha

He raises her head a little ... well see to it that beautiful smile of happiness that beauty - said he was carrying the camera and then

John grabbed the carving knife that was on the table and a professional cut, after a sharp blow to the neck dislocated and broke off of her head, that at no time stop smiling, turn the other guy immortalized the moment.

-Now if you'll be happy ... forever and ever, my love, you know I promised I would never leave you to make you smile ... - he said
Guys, John said patting went on the air and good as another's head for sale at the butcher .. lol every day are more guys in the club! -
-Damn dude is that if we do this ... there is no way to enforce that bitch and promise them happy forever ..! .. And I am legal Legally uncle, never break a promise ...
-You can swear them lasts for your cock up or empty pocket .. because if not all failures, suspicions and accusations .. nothing, nothing, they want to remain as Merry ...

Everyone laughed of her head while presiding over the dinner table.

-That is happy to everlasting .... sweetie ... it's so easy whit small details .... - said  he  while threw her hair behind her ear gently


liryc on english :
Missing in butchery
a kitchen knife.
In the park found
five children beheaded
One day
in Texas, Texas
One day

In the old slaughterhouse
a squeaking noise is heard
someone works overtime
and there is a strong smell of blood
One day
in Texas, Texas
One day
ill try to translate at english later, but at moment only can writte on english a story haha, but i promiss but sure is hard ...any way i promiss to do.

A través de la persiana se filtraba como en un abanico prodigioso los haces de luz del sol que desperezaban la mañana incipiente, rebotando en las sabanas impolutas de la cama revuelta que aún sabía al sabor de la carne , sudor y la pasión de la noche anterior. Ella pronto al sentir la caricia cálida de la luz temprana en su cara esbozo una  tenue sonrisa mientras se giró desperezándose a la vez que musitó en un contenido bostezo:

- ...hmm sigues aquí...pareces un sueño haces tan feliz...

Suspiró y sintió entre las piernas rezumar los restos pecaminosos de su deseo y no pudo evitar alargar la mano y enredar sus dedos en el pelo arremolinado en la nuca de él; durante un instante su mirada se deslizó en la curvatura de sus hombros desnudos, exhalando  su aliento como un coro celestial blasfemo sobre sus ojos adormecidos, y el despertó como si hubiera podido oír aquel canto angelical mudo ávido de ansias y apetitos:

-¿Me estabas mirando?- dijo el  mientras se desperezaba... pero ella no contestó solo se limitó a sonreír y el prosiguió mientras alargaba su mano para acariciar su mejilla:

-Que dulce eres...que piel tan suave y encanta verte sonreír, si pudiera conseguir que siempre  fueras así de feliz...

-Tu me haces muy feliz...

Y al escucharlo sus ojos se clavaron en su boca sumergiendole en un eco lánguido de un pensamiento fugaz insonoro que colapso incluso el tiempo :

"feliz..feliz...feliz, al principio todas sois tan felices, cualquier detalle os alegra, pero luego empezáis con vuestras sospechas  si no somos capaces de haceros el amor cuando queráis, y cuando queremos nosotros hacerlo también sospecháis, parece que todo lo hiciéramos mal..y yo..yo...tan solo desearía siempre encontrar esta pido tanto..Pero esta vez no pasará ella es perfecta..."

-¿Que?, porque te quedas mirándome tan callado, jajaja?...

-Oh nada..solo pensaba en una cosa que hablábamos la otra noche los chicos y yo , y tienen razón...

-¿Razón  en qué?-

-No, en nada..que las chicas sois preciosas cuando sonreís ...

-¿Como que "las" chicas?

-Si..todas en general...parecéis tan dulces...

-¿Acaso yo soy todas?

-No, mujer solo es un decir, para mi... eres especial.

-No se..¿que pasa habláis  de las tías de lo que hacéis y os pavoneáis...¿no?, es eso..

-Que no coño, bah...déjalo estar ....solo era un decir,  ven aquí...- dijo  picaramente arrastrándola a su lado y poniéndose encima...-hmmmm  ven tontita .

-No ahora ya no...

-¿Como que no?, si no he dicho nada..

-Eso lo dices tú...pero no se..

-Joder las tí hay quien os entienda....

-Pues muy fácil no digas cosas que no haya que decir..

- ¡Pero si es que no he dicho nada!..solo te he dicho que eres preciosa..

-¿seguro?..piensa un poco... -

-Claro , no tengo nada que pensar y tú eres la chica más guapa del mundo...

-Exageras! jajaj 

- Que no tontita...¿ves? te estas riendo...y eres preciosa- le dijo mientas se abalanzaba mordiendole la boca -

-Prométeme entonces, que me harás eternamente feliz..

-Te lo prometo..

Y al minuto tras la pequeña conversación se pusieron a hacer el amor. Más tarde quedaron y El apareció con un ramo de flores para después invitarla a un lujoso restaurante del centro, y al día siguiente se fueron de excursión en un viaje que ofertaba una ruta en tren con cena romántica y al mes siguiente se podía ver sobre la estantería toda la colección de agasajos y regalos que el le había hecho a ella en prueba de amor. Todo era perfecto...

Hacían el amor día y noche, amanecían y anochecían comiéndose entre besos y abrazos, desayunaban caricias, visitaban mil lugares, la inundaba de regalos de toda índole ... y Ella no paraba de sonreír. Y entonces El no pudo evitar en querer ir a contárselo a los chicos, quería  compartir su felicidad , y  por eso se acercó al mercado de abastos donde trabajaba uno de ellos, con el fin de quedar todos y contar todo lo que en su ausencia de meses había acontecido.


Allí estaba Fermín en uno de los puestos, asistiendo golpes al yunque con su delantal blanco ...

-Ahora mismo le atiendo...un segundo que parta esta pieza-

-Hey que soy yo...Fermin !,

-¿Qué pasa campeón?..tu desapareces y te olvidas de todos ¿no?

-Que va..precisamente venía para quedar para contaros las nuevas...

-¿Que pasa te toco la lotería o que?ja ja ja.

-No ..mejor...encontré la mujer perfecta....

-Jajaja ¿ah, pero eso existe?...bueno, bueno, cuenta..

-NO, a eso venía, yo quería presentárosla...

-¿A menos mal pensaba que ya te habías olvidado...  ja ja ja

-¿Olvidarme?, no eso nunca, yo cumplo mis promesas...pero no es tan sencillo a veces como tu crees...

-Venga machote!, pues esta noche nos vemos, no se hable más, yo pongo la carne para la cena ja ja ja.

-Encima faltaría más que no la pusieras jodas...venga chavalote, hasta la noche..


Y ahí quedo el asunto, cuando llego a casa la llamó por teléfono y le dijo sus planes para la cena. Ella, al principio no le gustó demasiado la idea de juntarse con desconocidos, pero unos cuantos galanteos bastaron para hacerla reír y al final  consintiera en el encuentro. Por eso al llegar la tarde, ya estaban tocando el timbre de la casa donde habían quedado.

Después de las lógicas presentaciones, ella pudo observar que era la única chica a pesar de ser 12 invitados y no pudo evitar sentir curiosidad

-¿Puedo haceros una pregunta?, si queréis no contestéis, pero como es que unos chicos tan encantadores como vosotros no tenéis novia, amiga...o yo que se?-

Todos rieron al unisono y uno contestó:

-Al final va ser que no somos tan encantadores como piensas, y que no hacemos tan  sumamente feliz a ninguna jajjaja

-Vaya... no so os conozco demasiado pero no se..

-Bah , déjalo ya te tenemos aquí a ti para todos, con tu sonrisa perfecta..¡venga vamos a sentarnos a cenar!.

-Bueno venga jaja, perdonar no se quien soy yo para preguntar, losiento

Fermin irrumpió en la conversación.

-Venga,  dejaros de preguntas, ¿hace una botellita de Alvariño, para ir abriendo boca , porque tengo una delicatessen preparada que vais a alucinar ... - dijo ya con las copas y la botella en la mano haciendo un guiño.

-Uy si yo no bebo, se me va subir a la cabeza. - contestó Ella

-Mujer un día es un día, y no todos los días se pierde la cabeza..estamos entre amigos...

-Bueno, de acuerdo jaja pero solo un poquito.

El poquito termino derivando en una botella tras otra, y Ella no paraba de sonreír con los chistes y la cálida acogida así que cuando ya por fin llego la cena a la mesa, apenas se podía sostener.

-Bueno chicos, yo voy a ir sirviendo la cena... - dijo Fermín

-Yo no se si... hip voy a poder..hip - contestó ella tambaleándose a un lado y al otro con la cabeza apoyada en los codos y entonces él se se acerco dulcemente y le pregunto:

- ¿ Eres feliz amor mío?.... - le preguntó El es un susurro mientras pasaba su brazo por sus hombros

Ella alzó la cabeza con los ojos entreabiertos esbozando una amplia sonrisa.

Si...hmm hip  hip...cariño soy inmensamente feliz... hmmm

Y al instante calló dormida sin dejar de sonreir, entonces Fermin habló:

-Es..perfecta.- a lo que otro se sumó:

-Si..perfecta... - otro más prosiguió.

-Si, si, es ideal , de hecho pienso que ..ahora es el momento- y le guiñó un ojo a El.

Un coro de muecas complices parecían invitarle a seguir, otro más dijo:

-Inmortalicemos el momento ..voy a por la cámara...

El dijo:

-¿Tendrías tu el honor, Fermin..?

-¿como no?, ya sabes que soy un especialista en estas cosas? jaja-

-Alzale un poquito la cabeza...que se le vea bien esa hermosa sonrisa de felicidad ¡ que belleza!- dijo el que portaba la cámra de fotos  y entonces

Fermin asió el cuchillo de trinchar que estaba en la mesa y de un tajo profesional, tras un golpe seco en la nuca descoyuntó y  desgajó la cabeza de ella, que en ningún momento paraba de sonreír , a su vez el  otro inmortalizaba el momento.

-Ahora si que serás feliz ... y para siempre , mi amor, ya sabes que te prometí que nunca te dejaría de hacer sonreír... - dijo El.

Chicos, -dijo Fermin dando palmadas al aire y prosiguió- bueno pues otra cabecilla más a la venta en la carnicería ..jajaja cada día somos más tios en el club !!-

-Joder tio es que si no hacemos esto hay manera de hacer cumplir esa  puta promesa de hacerlas feliz y ¡ para siempre..!..y yo soy legal tío muy legal, jamás rompería una promesa...

-Ni que lo jures jodas les dura lo que te dura la polla en alza o el bolsillo se vacía.., porque si no todo son fallos, sospechas y reproches..nada , nada, ellas se quedan como quieren Felices...

Todos rieron mientras la cabeza de ella presidía la cena sobre la mesa.

-Eso Etermente tan fácil complacerte....- dijo El mientras echaba el cabello de ella tras la oreja dulcemente



(sorry my english, i am spanish and dont writte very good english)
Da es very spetial place full all kind artist different styles and differents arts, and the most wonderful is about everyone share their worlds's mind whit another building the place in a univer full beautiful planets.

Someones there are true proffessional, another simply like or use as hobby, but all  share their are.Models, writters, drawers, painsters, crafters, sculps ALL for free for learn, or watch or etc.

But on last time i seen too another kind people (thanks to God, not much) dont respect stuffs anothers, think when a thing is "public open" can take and use and say for me, and think can change surnames, or even personal images. 

There are in our cassual life a lot stuff are free and public, as benches, lampposts, litter bins, even dishes in restaurants, not for being public you take it to your house;it is simply a matter of respect, education and civics..but this one every knows.

Mostly times, we think there simply crazy people, dont have got life etc, etc, but this only one reason about matter why do that about take identidys, images, etc.

Exist to another persons too dont use  things but rather are appropriated . But there are other persons, who use it to create a site for fun or as an incentive game as the goal of their lives obsessive go crazy and capable of anything. Since people are female being created multiple accounts, posting pictures of the same variations in other works or vulgar copies, and even want request points and even money...

But this one, we knows too... and mostly time the people get  bored of fighting, and the people think the only way dont do that, is dont share more works, and that no is fix nothing, either report cause they back one time another time do seem whit anothers.

I can only say as said earlier, most people are good, and very few bad, and in most cases only appear to be many because they have many nicknames, including girlfriends circles of friends are created, were created by the same person .. one person that parasitize other jobs.And there ends its small little world, because ours is infinite, without limits, can create almost at will. A lie can not long survive but our works are infinite.

Ok this think, dont fix either nothing, the only way can do then if this kind people, The truth is that these personages do not deserve attention or to stop doing what we like, and the reason is simple because only people who cheat do nothing, and in his absence deceive only themselves .. because which is the vast majority interests, respects, and it is imperative that brings, and the others are just clowns in a circus of village make you laugh ..., ridiculous, maybe they can get points to set up a Pin and Pon farm to keep their small pony.

DA, is very spetial place still thinking about seem way , i know we are not going to fix nothing about  , or we cant to teach what is the respect. But the world is full of wonderful things, 

 must also exist the toilet, and nobody's fault that smell so bad, they stay there and we Pull the Chain to Flush the Toilet and let W.C hahah.

"Let these little children comto me, for heaven belongs to them. " -Christ said ..and flys too, although their kingdom so dark  on the floor and brown..poor  littel animals..
But ..anyway:
"fXXXXk" their ! i think use watermarks on my stuffs hahahah 

Ill try writte on english haha, but know  i really talk very bad english :P.
I love explore network, that no is a secret, well i was meet a place where can use multiple ways for do a awesome blog , no need work to much cause basicaly this place "engaget " all post on network sotial and "capture" whit a tool 
For example when you registry can do whit facebook, twitter, google +, instagram ..etc..  when you done this step, then can beging to add your content frome all places where you post  can be:
your Twitter, hagstag, fan page, can post any pic video blog ALL  very easy. 
Can build awesome galleries pics and no need post a lot times each time, simply use the tools 
But i guess is better visit the webplace, causei talk so bad english ahha and there a lot tutorial easy to do .

That i am doing last time hahaha a lot magazines ..for example i did this about artist people on twitter  can see here a example ->… can engaget post frome here or use pics another places always the most important  keep the owner and places frome you take pics (this really good )

At the moment i begin to fall in love this awesome tool  and i am so crazy i did 5 magazine differents themes cause posibility t use is infinite AHHA.. i hope like this information , cause i do only for share a nice things i was use last time ,
usually can do your places whit nicks  more use, and after is so easy to meet if use seem nick all pages are ..." or name webpage. After if you have got a blog can embed ! and all you content is full 
for registry is here, but before to begin to do the blog , gallery, place, profile...etc explore all tools , and trust me,  is a lot easy (more for people who talk english )muhahah cause all tutorials there are on english.
ell my friend  i let the link for registry and i hope can get fun KISSSS.


Bueno, yo soy muy fan de blogger, aunque como he dicho y no me desdigo, le falta renovarse y seguir con las mismas opciones de diseño libres, sin tener que acudir a vistas dinámicas.

Pero como soy una exploradora de la red, rodando y no me acuerdo como di a parar con un sitio con unas amplitudes tanto de contenido como de formas que la gente desconoce...aunque reconozco que al ser nuevo su sistema, no le resulta familiar a la gente y no lo entienden...pero es comodisímo y sencillisimo.

Se trata de un sitio que se llama es que haga publicidad jajaj, simplemente comparto información , porque cuando hablamos de bloggear temas adultos con la iglesia hemos topado sancho! y el buscar un sitio donde poner tus humildes historias se convierte en una tortura...

El caso es que le prometi a un amiguito explicarle como funciona, porque no termina de verlo, y bueno tiene muchas funciones, asi que no me importa o extender esta entrada, o bien  continuarla, porque más que un blog es una herramienta o plataforma muy útil...alla voy a torturarme otro poquito jajaja ...¿empezamos , no?..

1- logearse

No necesitas registro  simplemente ingresas con una red social ...como iba a hacer un blog de pruebas me logge con una cuenta que tengo de google plus.

2-  podrás también agregar mas cuentas como instagram, twitter o hagstag , facebook, google plus y basicamente todas las redes que tengas perfil pero hay un paso importante antes que te decidas a incluir mas redes .aunque no sepas que es...lo entenderás un poco más abajo y verás porque es importante.

verás que aparece un iman, el icono de un iman, pues esto, es muy importante que lo arrastres a la barra de marcadores antes de incluir otras cuentas y veras porque es...

3- una vez lo tengas antes de saber que diseño o forma le darás  vamos a probar este imás y veras su potencial ...

Nos vamos a una cuenta o pagina web, porque da lo mismo exactamente donde vayas, pero bueno hice una cuenta tumblr para demostrar que cualquier cosa vas a poder publicar sin torturarte jeje...

vamos a la pagina...

picamos el icono que arrastramos a la barra de marcadores... y abre una ventana...

en este caso solo hay una foto con formato admisible, pero normalmente estan todas las fotos, eliges la que quieres y le das post this

se abre entonces otra ventana  que te dice donde quieres postearlo si es que tienes varios sitios..

y ya o lo posteas o lo editas , pero ademas puedes poner imagenes que no estaban en lugar que legistes e incluso añadir un slideshow  ..eso si aunque te da la opccion de subirlo, funciona mejor si lo metes desde una url

como esto..ves..

aqui le agrego 3 gif de diferentes sitios que tengo posteados, le meto la url y las ves...vamos a ver como queda....

ahi esta!

pero ademas no solo puedes elegir el diseño, cosa que explicaré en la segunda parte  porque me voy a comer, puedes mover los post, congelarlos compartirlos y editarlos..vamos a probar que puedo tambien embeber esta entrada ..para que se vea las posibilidades...para eso voy a hacer dos cosas cuando lo publique, le daré a editar y ahora lo pondré en vista htlm , para copiar y pegar cuando edite (lo pego en blog de notas) y nos vemos alli !!!…
Se que últimamente no estoy entrando, no es que no dibuje, ni escriba o haga fotos, la verdad es que no estoy entrando mas que a twitter y a google plus cuando entro y a ratitos, pero conocer este sitio , los habitantes de este micro planeta me ha alegrado más de lo que se y puedo expresar. Es un pequeño gran tesoro, en un mundo internauta muy corrupto, lleno de competencias , locuras y mil historias absurdas; se que aquí también las hay jaja , pero ni punto de comparación. Aquí cada cual es quien es sube su arte, sus cosas muy intimas, muy personales, y aunque idiotas hay en todas partes, la mayoría  de personas es muy afable.

El arte para mi esta integrado en mi vida de una forma muy arraigada, e imagino que para el resto igual, y cuando dicen que los artistas somos gente diferente excéntrica jaja es completamente cierto, pero nos sentimos muy bichos raros , por mi parte vuestras excentricidades  me encantan en sus diferencias. La profusión del arte y la cultura que hace esta web, es casi sin peloteo para darle un premio..sin el casi.En pleno siglo XXI donde el consumismo hace gala de su presencia encontrar miles de personas que luchan por sus sueños y creen en ellos y los comparten, me conmueve profundamente .
Os admiro, os respeto y os quiero tal como sois, no hay mejores ni peores al menos para mi...sois muy grandes.
Un beso y sento no escribirlo en inglés pero es que jaja no me apetece y apuesto que hoy escribo locuras jaja ..BESOSSS
Respeto muchisimo a la gente, tanto que sin saber inglés he intentado siempre respetar la mayoría esforzándome en escribirlo. No obstante voy y vengo de los sitios, los visito como exploradora de mundos que soy, pero supongo que hay gente que pasa tantas horas metidos en un sitio que realmente viven estas cosas como parte de si mismos, y se vuelven incluso agresivos y territoriales; cuando todo es tan .. . efímero y volátil. No se si es que se piensan se harán famosos, o son tan poca cosa en su mini-mundi que solo haciendo creer que pueden con un dedo eliminar parte de la esencia humana creen ingenuamente que esa demostraciones de "poder" les hacen al menos sentir algo en sus miserables vidas; yo personalmente siento  incluso lástima por estos pobres personajes que se hacen pasar por adolescentes y que en su mayoría suelen corresponder a viejos homosexuales que no tienen otra forma de vivir su sueño imposible, más que eliminando cualquier cosa que envidien o les haga sombra.

Para su gran desgracia se piensan o me incluyen en un prototipo predefinido de persona que por desgracia también abunda mucho, esa clase de mujeres que vive en una burbuja monotematica, pero polifacetica, me gusta escribir, dibujar, cocinar, pasear, conversar,  y todo lo que un ser humano real pueda hacer y por supuesto me encanta ser como soy, sin compartivas, sin competir con quien es mejor que quien, disfruto de esta vida  y de todo lo que hay. Mis limites del bien y el mal no van dirigidos a doctrinas moralistas, si no a lo que la lógica y la razón nos dice que algo destruye o construye, hiere o hace feliz, pero yo no me voy a desgastar enseñando cosas que son de primero de primaria y que tan solo se basan en la empatía y el sentido común. 

Realmente a mi me importan estos personajillos, lo que le importa a un trapecistas los habitantes del fondo marino; es decir nada, pero si soy consciente que resulta muy paradojico e incluso alarmante, que las moderaciones de  los sitios no se pregunten ni cuestionen que fiabilidad hay en las denuncias, cuan  de real es el denunciador, se le da un poder casi hitleriano y en lo mayoría de los casos no investigan jamás al denunciante. Basta un berreo y decir que es un niño inocente cuando a lo mejor ni siquiera es un niño quien lo hace. Pero tampoco esto me mueve lo suficiente ni motiva como para perder el tiempo en sitios que no estoy más que de paso.

Al final me alegran el día estos payasetes, porque son como pequeños pitufillos que no son nada en el mundo y que se satisfacen con poca cosa... en fin que cosas ...


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sorry my friends y was delate my last entry journal, i had been an problem in youtube they censored my video :S never though about could get any problem.
Well Fortunately there are sites that are not as Taliban where women are devils of sin.
Before uploading your video ask on site staf were very friendly and only asked about the right musical background.
This morning through myspace I asked permission at group band for non commercial use, as fun.
I leave my video ^ ^
Well first , i want wish an Happy2013...and now..
i was today one hour ago, just woke up, and every one how is sunday was sleeping ...hahah, no can do a lot noises, then i seen in my mail about comments in i thinking mainselfe :wow so lovely people ..cause really is a shit draw hahaha and i say for mainself:
Why no draw something...really no have got paints was all done, but i guess some can do .
Please no be so hard whit the materials HAHA cause simply when done material i can use ALL, when i say ALL is all except poo hahahah .Its very funny the video cause i talk cause i am mix asleep (talk in spanish cause my english puffff is terrible and i dont be able to talk in english :rofl:)

i LIKE SHARE i love it, dont care if done whit "no happy end" the draw..cause here can see no need really nothing only feelyou want to do anything,...and for another hand, i know i am very spontaneus person, my style life is :carpe diem ..for than reason for me the second, that moment i get fun  is i value. simply  sheet paper, there no can do too much in that kind material..but why no?...try hahah

painting -old clothes

...well the left eye no wanted be painted ! hahah finally i been to breakfast,...and tell badddddddd hahahah ..

here are the videos can watch how i did  are funny to listen to me HAHAHA

hERE CUT THE FIRST MINUTES :( cause i was talking too much!hahah and really no did nthing spetial, and can rejet youtube for be long...>.< but is only one minute! not much more :P

And next just ..reconect record and paint...whit that i call "old clothes "ropa vieja, is..ise all can meet !hahhaha

this is the video, first i do fast same like first cause really  i do only do font n lost more that 2 minutos or a littel more. while i mix colors...then no are much excepts the things i talk hahahaha

well my friends this is an morning crazy like main hahha, BigBroter  haha the alive alive" hahah....
My babys i hope an very nice 2013 for avery one kissssssssss
i DONT KNOW EVERY GIRL ..every...every! all >.< when feel bad or a littel depressed, ..draw any "dolly" ..we are fool? ! hahah ..but idk the reason done or know do one doll...and feel better..who knows the reason!!! (sorry but was an simply scrawl and no done the End..cause after botter whit me for destroy my work  >.<

Well before go the dinner why no a littel draw, draws, no is very important if is good or bad, cause always get an idea, or comes new..i think is good upload good and bad always, is an way no feel shy , trust in yourself no think if go to like or dislike, simply..enjoy! that is the life  and not much more...

Is  dress for home HAHAHA >.< SERIUSLY  hahaha is lot funny cause i am not shy , dont care show bad too haha cause i am same person. Marry  Xmas and tomorrow ge an awesome inner share whit friends and family kissssssssssssss
(whit google translator)
You have to wonder, at what point nature decides to evolve and give duality of sex, as a vehicle not only reproductive wonder if that order has not pleasure in nature is not any pleasure if not an orgasm or an ecstasy .

We know perfectly well that we are not the only species that makes intercourse as a means of reproduction, if not enjoyment or pleasure, such as dolphins and bonobos, which are more developed brain, there is sex linkage. This is a fact that confirms that at one point of time there was a natural need to link the brain to the sex of a complex shape.

On one hand we would then have that data, that for that sex without reproductive as vehicle of enjoyment and pleasure need an intelligent brain, leaving only instinct that role merely as a reminder of an ancient genetic memory.

WHAT IS THE PLEASURE?, What sense is there in our lives?

Pleasure can be defined as a feeling or positive feeling, pleasant or euphoric, which in its natural form is manifested when fully satisfies some need organic. . Nature often associated with feelings of pleasure any benefit to the species and Philosophy it ranks among the possible types of happiness.

We agree, I imagine, that what makes these needs and provides intelligence as attractive or benefit other species difference is the added sensation of fullness, satisfaction or enjoyment, so unintelligent animal instinct will suffice to eg hunt prey and devour it, just eating it receives a reward of happiness.


A simple brain (to call it somehow) act in a very simplified:
Need-> your brain emits a signal-> stimulus
Get what you need-> releases endorphins-> Basic grade associated feelings.
Where feelings, as such, only allude to the simpler needs eg joy, rest, etc.
So that all animals including us, is how we learn to meet each of our needs organize, through emotions, staggering on every level of species.
There is thus a biological reward, in response to needs

The reward at the act of living
Dopamine is a hormone and neurotransmitter that performs different functions including important roles in behavior and cognition, motor activity, motivation and reward, sleep, mood, attention, and learning . Dopamine's role in experiencing pleasure has been questioned by several researchers. It has been argued that dopamine is more associated with anticipatory desire and motivation (commonly called "wanting") as opposed to actual consummatory pleasure (commonly called "taste")
Dopamine is released to meet unpleasant or aversive stimuli, and so motivates towards the pleasure of avoiding or eliminating unpleasant stimuli.
It would be stupid to think that there is only a hormone associated with pleasure, because the complexity of our brains, is linked to multiple needs and motivations regarding recompesas in stimuli, so that we know the existence of artificial drug that supply the lack of production of this hormone (cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamines .. etc).
You could fill an entire room with this natural and artificial drugs needed by the body to make sense of life, but I'll leave it there just as a means to stimuli that live.

They are produced by the pituitary gládula in vertebrates during strenuous exercise, excitement and laughter, and resemble opiates in their ability to produce analgesia and a sense of wellbeing. Endorphins act as "natural pain removers" may enhance the effects of other medications.
Similarly we could fill an entire room, but we should stay with the simplicity that cause segregation of endorphins with simple acts of life, not only gives us rewards if we provide natural dopamine stimulation always more powerful than artificial so imprescibles, making it clear that each individual requires a different amount, and therefore need more or less production according to your personal needs.
Oxytocin, social and sex link

Exclusive is a hormone that humans produce, this hormone is related to sexual patterns and maternal and paternal behavior which also acts as neurotransmitter in the brain.
Curiously, the same hormone that makes us create social bond, to be used for sex, and that in turn use it as nature evolved element in the act of life, including one's own sexual arousal.
It would be understandable then, because sexuality has a central role in our life, and importance to the species level, as we seek the meaning of life as social beings and abstract elements of enjoyment, as collective rewards.
Always thinking that just talk about the biological element that really drives our reality to understand the benefit as a reward
So important is this hormone that words such as empathy, increased confidence and reduced social fear
* ONLY AS POINT: say that in recent decades with the knowledge of the existence of this hormone, leading laboratories have artificially extended the drug as a result of experiments with social ills such as psychopaths and sociapatas, etc, using for other purposes that I reserve the criterion "ecstasy"

Monoamide is a neurotransmitter. It is believed that serotonin plays an important role as a neurotransmitter, in the inhibition of anger, aggression, sleep, sexuality, aptetito and a few more features. These inhibitions are directly related to symptoms of depression. Particularly dealing antidepressants modify serotonin levels. Serotonin is involved in other neurotransmitters known as dopamine and noroadrenalina, which are related to anxiety, fear, anxiety and aggression, and eating problems.

Just act like the chain drive, in that way the reward, including those associated with sexual desires.

PLEASURE enjoyment as evolved.

As the brain is complex, the rewards are more complicated. To intelligence and not just get what you sate in some sense, that is not full, simply find the pleasure to be happy, you need a more complex element and that is when it appears another term enjoyment.

Lacan and the distinction between these two terms (enjoyment and pleasure). Although both seem similar, are radically different and have very different consequences, so let Lacan wrote:

The term enjoyment refers to the attitudes in which the subject loses its share of freedom, the desire term associated with pleasure, however, refers to behaviors that are no longer attached to a particular object cerradamente, allowing the subject to exercise freedom.

In Fates words enjoyment refers to the social bond, not just use it as a means individual, but as a need for that pleasure is shared. Thus, it is possible to feel pleasure as an individual, but if you are enjoying with their children, for example:

An author is pleased to write, and if you enjoy what you read.
A hunter enjoys canzando, but it does show enjoys its prey.

In this light and shade, the item included so that the happiness or award is given either on a collective scale, as a fundamental link for a species living in a socially intelligent. Deducing that the reason for the existence of enjoyment, is aimed in our survival as a species as an element to stick together as social beings, or animals of group.

This is demonstrable as I said at the biological level, that is, I am not relying on evidence, where oxytocin plays a role, but in terms of results in the reward, there is an element in this whole chain of events where missing as happens in basic pleasures, the real and true momentum ... that missing link.

Actually the only outcome that follows, give him a lot of laps, is that nature gives us the key, from the basics to the most intelligent, the only reward or that there is a way and is called Happiness.


Well, I of course, I can not give the keys, when there are thousands of inputs, logical deductions, philosophies .. etc.. But I think in our life happiness is just a word to call these moments of fullness in relation to the daily needs we cover, so that we have a basic happiness obtaining basic pleasures, or as complex and intelligent species if we enjoy with our congeners. What makes us special to humans, not in ourselves, lies precisely in seeing the pleasure of others, and in turn the enjoyment of another.

Behold the lamb's mother, for this to happen we have to feel the cause to the effect of our pleasure, but how? ... Communication is the key, language spoken at any level, body, writing, etc..

Anyway, the signs of nature without actually retorcerlas, explained that the meaning of life is to be happy, from a bacterium or plant, a cat, a monkey, every living being on the planet, live be happy, and always get pleasure ... but what has always?.

We tend to identify the actions and thought enough to find that reward doparnos momentary, smoke a joint, get laid, laugh, and although this is a reality that we provide a pleasant moment, if we do not find pleasure in another being, do not share it, you can not give happiness, and therefore do not enjoy and give meaning to our actions as humans. Pleasure individually necessary but obviously need a link, whether couples, group or society to provide fullness.

Schematically SOCIETY WRONG.

I really do not know who will come to read this far, and although obviously everything I say except biological or chemical data, everything is debatable, but even with everything I throw at full pool.

Where society is wrong queries filling depressive desiquilibrados, frustrated etc ... we all know?, why a society overwhelmingly unhappy?; suffice daily fill of basic needs no more, but you look like you look all societies described on our planet do not take into account that not enough motivation for the species cover human pleasures the first order such as eating, house, poo-pee, etc. It is true that any of them will make us all those hormones secrete, but why not just create them?.

Well, here is a dilemma of the intelligent system, and when we no longer results or rewards, if not the fact that makes us human ... talk of such abstract concept, and despite the redundancy of the mental act in which is isolated conceptually an object or a property of an object.

What I am saying, is only evident in the only species on the planet capable of conceiving a complex language, capable of supporting subordinate clauses, ie not just a simple message as medium between two living beings (a grunt and I write this mess) differs only in the subordination of sentences. In turn, leaves an architecture where the individual meanings, vary to a cultural group or individual, for example words across countries vary in their meaning.

Easier still if I say: fuck, that sound generates a pulse transmitted across the biological chain a series of sensations associated, we will either result in our body causing the secretación of different hormones in the absence as such the pussy jajjaja said.

Everywhere I went, chance, fate, or the mother who bore him, man created a concept where everything would have an exchange value, in order to simplify life, I call it money, as a symbol of reward to the pleasures primary and change the concept of life as a link to unify the collection of all those things necessary first order.

That is the question, the work itself was strong enough to prevail among all the actions of life, as the meaning of life. But so much so that in recent times, has tried to sell the bike mounds hierarchies as a perfect model, regardless of the insects are of oxytocin sustituvo very different from the human hormone, which makes is maintained so enslaved and hierarchical, the collective. A misrepresentation in the method using such arguments based on learning and brainwashing, sustained certain arguments as Goleman and emotional intelligence as a method to the pretense of emotions and substitute placebos ... creating man-ant or machine ...

In Fates words, work and money we should bring only what he brings to any animal "brainless" comfort, without thereby were the expression of happiness, the concept of happiness. This is a fundamental error that makes all companies fail in their schemes of life, conditioning all around this existing reality.

Sure, this seems like a utopia, but it is by no means simply what is learned by the cultural weight and genetically inherited along recreate man's existence as a single objective of any material on this abstraction.

The only proven biological level that can provide enjoyment is the human link, the supreme pleasures that evolution has endowed us with nature. We live for a concept and a word out of letters catequizantes is, people .. is that we live to love many things, but outside the demagoguery of how nice it can bioorganic pacer is a reality.

Moreover unnoticed so little happens to the flanks of the powerful live this reality primorcial catapult sexuality as fundamental or backbone of life, which in many species acts as everyday consumer, find subliminal sex partnerships as placebo in the rewards. . it is evident in all kind of advertising, selling poles, cars, brooms, jokes or fig leaves them ... there is always sexual implications as a means or impulse that you'll always be better accepted socially (I get bored of give examples).
Work and other things provide primeval livelihood, but we can not make sense of it all our lives, or the money, however much they mean, no props or bioorganic validity, should not be in that pyramid chain pleasures evolutionary, which crowned the pyramid though .. no matter who, like it or not, love as a concept that links us to the world is the only powerful abstract concept that can give meaning and happiness to our lives ....

my original text can read…
sorry ..i am sick lol
i was share an video,

Fast pinup whit an simply "pilot" and sheet paper. Obviusly need a littel more time 2 reason , i no feel good today, and is more slow if use an pilot , then are simply lines like the idea , no try be real.
scribbling - unreal horse in 6 minutes (you tube day 7 hahha must be then ) hahaha
common pencil (not the most suitable but if the cheapest) common sheet of paper-
recently raised whit my pajamas on almost of tacky  boarding school of orphans hahaha
recien casi levantada con mi pijama horterilla de niño de colegio de internado jajajaj

If dont belive me..i have got today an GREY  day ... need full my head any idea hahaha ... can help me any and ask for do anything ?ahahahahaha

seriusly i am begin to think i am going to draws pokemons hahahaha :frustrated:
any idea?

why me say no is me when i have got a lot stuff and pics whit me..i am so aweome? hahahai guess NO...THEN WHY ASK STUPIDS THINGS!
It is actually the title of a movie

When we think of a child, think of his innocence and fragility, is its sweetness and in that world sugar and caramel sweet. Instantly, in our minds we project that image of moon face and round bread, with those eyes that we devour the soul.
Little people who protect and care lovingly forever.

We think of children between 0-14, because then when nature decides the body grows and the mind begins to squirm to leave the innocence and adolescence begins, open the eyes to the mysterious world, to understanding how it works the life and the world .some adults recently abandoned adolescence and at that time we became responsible for those who came after and Is our duty is to teach them the right way. In the period of 14 -21 learn all subjects to introduce us to the world and know how our task as citizens, be useful and responsible .. For that reason, we work so hard.

This, we all know, but the Internet has created a parallel world, full of unrealities, which do not correspond to the real world. The creation of false identities, dangerous hole has meant a deadly trap for everyone, older, younger, everyone can fall into the hole created by another human being in twisted mind. An old man could create a kid to seduce and do terrible things, and a child could be create  an adult for spy and see the adult world ..only need 2 things very easy to get:
An name
Some pics can meet in network.

After, is so easy as build an fake life....

This crazy thing, this folly, has generated a parallel world without head or tail, where for reasons of danger to the most innocent, strongly committed to the web pages that have no way to stop this serious issue, Each day the moderators of each page trying to do our best, giving priority to the complaints and making rules and regulations that at least become a barrier to the entry of pedophilia, And while you do what you can, actual data indicate that pedophile networks grow unstoppable despite social efforts ...WHY?!!!!
i want give my opinion.---------------->
But what you can not do a whole entire society is run under rules restricting the freedoms acquired an adult, you can not build the empire infant and adults do live as children or disabled people .Adults can not do live in the world of Peter Pan or pokemon world. forever.
Society is giving children an extraordinary power, which behave as adults, we often look for criminals or villains of the piece, by the mere fact of living as adults, where our capacity is the only permissible criterion, and when there is something wrong laws are regulated by civil and criminal codes, they are the only ones who can get this limitation.
Even violates international human rights, pro of "kids" on the other hand, could not even be
For otherwise we create a world full of people alleged desiquilibrados affected by actual psychological illness called "the tyrant child syndrome" ( i dont know name exactly in english).

How To Stop pedophilia and the dangers to children on the Internet.?

WELL, if you read all, the mostly reason  and matter to able to fall in an danger is one , the root is ONE ONLY ...CAUSE IS IMPOSIBLY TO KNOW who is who ..that is the question!.
fake identidys ...i guess the only way to stop is to know in first time if is real or no an nick and if are real images are used. For make that labor is so easy than in firs time, use google reverse search, after is so easy as for example do pics ( no need show full face, that no is the question cause is enough to know are an girl/guy, and can know age aprox) writte name and web or videos for no use photoshop.

I bet this only thing is going to stop the 90% about  abuses.

THE second thing is
Do an network only for kids, whit spetial  ID only can active and connet their parents.( this is difficult) for that reason i wish the parents look what do htheir sons...cause if the parents no look why  i must do their work? if i no have got kids,? if they forget their obligations because an unknown person to do your job.

Why must hide things no are wrong like that be an criminal action, or anything bad...? because I hide things like a person I outlawed or undesirable?.

I guess it is a time to reflect on what is socially happening in Internet
The tyranny of the child is finishing with the most basic rights of an adult, but children also do not talk about such com in many cases are children are closer be adults are 16/17 years old, who just come and make blackmail  to an adult

For example reclaim a girl young adult but hold sex or stalking ad nauseam if not give them what they want

This problem exist too, i am young, and i know can do this, to stalk for get wathever want...
I understand every rule, every thing and for protect at true kids, the mostly reason is cause i want have got babys my wish in an future no very far, be Mom.

But exist  inalienable rights, rights adhering to all human beings on earth…

i AM ADULT,  i am good person, work stude, i have got my life, my bf , my parents , my friends ... and like me are a lot...ADULT NO IS BE CRIMINAL .
INTRODUCTION TO ART MEANING - (systems of coherency) - 1 harmony

well i guess is very bored, talk about me or things really no are very importants. Id like share some some writings of my blog in Spanish...a friend asked for help for the translation but I will not abuse about friendship, then i go to try translate any way, but sorry if anything is wrong grammar or word -
This an place about art, i guess is good talk about around how work art, mind and society, psicology , cause all together  "build" the artist the epochs and influences and trends, the historical, psychological and social..well everyone, know this, but how work together, no texts serious enough, if not working by making it impossible amalgamating disjoint in text...then i go to begin but this is only one my text, and i hope can translate good. :P

For begin this point , is good begin for the end. Art and technology is a hot spot in this  moment social; It is curious, if not  to call or to tell: extravagant, to be able to to make a place (web space) should abandon the idea of what is called art. Why?....
that communication flowing from almost ancestral where an almost magical energy between objects around you and your body, and you tell stories that emerge from between your fingers. Feel seductive caresses the ways that make impossible dreams galaxies give birth, or failing that, eventually starting the vanishing point of a multidimensional extraordinary mass karma.

Indeed is that every art is different, and guidelines of harmony in each field differ, and have meanings, which when applied can have meaning or not. For instance in a color theory is based only on the capacity to emit sense of the author's vision that looks, but the same theory can not be applied for example to the world of sewing and fashion, at least literally.


Because if we did as it is done on a canvas, omitting elements that would disengage expressive spaces. It is is therefore impossible to do without things like movement, shape gender, and personality of the individual, so that we understand is very nice to see the green of a lake in Scotland with its extraordinary gray skies, but if you try to apply that green as nice on a dress it's likely that the result is frightening hahah.

Well, spite of everything art must be creatively combining elements harmoniously and be able to express their integration and build a new object in the dimensional world (including linguistic science) able to impress, come and shake the world. Art is innovation, expression, harmony and always original seeding able to fashions and trends. And of course there are many definitions, and people tend to confuse the artisan and "technologist" with artistic genius. For example if we consider the age of Impressionism, the first time that the world was going against the rules of the concept of harmony and artistic geniuses were only the creators, and the rest who understood and accepted concepts became artisan or "technologists" of that trend.
I do not expatiate on these points, because they are just notes to understand where lies the genius that is fashion, art and harmony.

On this point, we call harmony is unquestionable circumvent the mathematical, physical and scientific so that it is in, but I'm not going to talk about the divine proportion , call too : golden ratio
as this is more than a stale element of which there is ample information on the net, but the funny thing is that the sense of harmony resides integrated both animate and inanimate objects are innately vital point for life and nature hold balance.
AND IS ALL KIND ART:music, lenguage , plastic art all ! all based on patterns of rhythms, vibrations, symmetry that gives dynamism to the all.

It's not just a matter of individual taste, because as I said dwells integrated nature of life connected to the dimensional realities, patterns and symmetries led to recompose coherence spaces.
Harmony is the lifeblood of coherence spaces.
Consistency is the vital flow element or holding that space, or reality, are.

numbers, or natural or artificial architectures, obey repetition patterns and symmetries of elements capable of "self propagate" a living space and create integrated structures. This integration is innate and consistency symmetric spaces, it is easy to understand if we think of the creation of life and thought the same as a cell divides. Harmony is a fundamental basis to provide dynamic, that evolution continuously, and character multidimensional

This example can watch in experiment Schrodinger's Cat… sorry (i am not sure any video about this..
bassically, this explain how can change any vision in concept asbout harmony in every historical context, every mind and moment. The harmony is a piece that is integrated into the context.
Also seen in the planetary space, orbits, in numbers or mathematical formulas, but also the coherent space, not only is able to spread and evolve, if not to combine and absorb each element to be integrated in its structure (but always innately adhered to the natural entity).
So each structure has its own elements that make the style sense with or without meaning.
An example is the beauty of a mountain has no meaning in the midst of a road haha for example, not only because they close the door (an element of functionality), but because the structures are composed of a base height limit, and although pass any car on the road and did not have any functionality, there is a consistent height to keep balance or structure that makes sense.

well tomorrow i try translate another point more about next points that make and work for build coherences spaces, and how work brain, society and all around in the influencences in art.I hope can understand my bad english..can tranlate more haha but i guess gfor me is an headache ! too much for me  hahah.
(to be continued if you are interested and if not ... as well hahhaha.

Documental complementario en español , this documental is original in english can meet in youtube or Google videos like

hahhaha which is your favorite emote ...i like all

but ilike this :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: contagious viral hahaha:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
well...this is the most short journal in the story  :rofl:

i was watching pics.... usually i like watch, never talk too much,and when meet any really i like  it, then i add like Fave. ( nothing spetial)
but in an moment i meet an pic ...was an bra  :rofl:well (nothing spetial ) but i felt courius about who post that. and just i was reading "bio" about that person.
And i can stop to laugh  :rofl: cause said that profile caste, pure decent  cause never was going to show :rofl: (this very funny) the nipples and vagina  (but the most funny was 2 things) just read things well can no show, but full action shahah.

Maybe no understand why make me laugh...i guess dont show 2 circles and a line not make somebody more decent   (o)( o)  .....( Y )..but probably and most nice underwear could do more decent than 1 panties an 1 bra buying in Mall 3 x 1 hahahhaha :rofl:
hahah now seriusly...sometimes is more provocative show whit dress underwear (tell more about where is buying,)  than show an simply nude.. (o ) (o)  ( Y ) but humanity is so stupid so think 2 circles can make an "bad" girl... this world is crazy...
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: