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well i was try to translate my story at englis, sorry if no es correct grammar, cause really is very hard, only hope people can understand the story and get fun-

Through the blind filtering and a prodigious fan the bundles of of sunlight stretched incipient morning, bouncing off the unpolluted savannas of the rumpled bed that still knew the taste of the meat, sweat and passion of the previous night . She would soon to feel the warm caress of the early light in her face sketch a faint smile as he turned while stretching mumbled a yawn content:

- hmm ... still here ... you seem like a dream unreal ... you make me so happy ...

She sighed and felt between her thighs ooze out sinful remains of his desire and could not help but to reach out and thread her fingers in his hair swirling in the back of his neck, and for a moment his eyes slid in the curvature of his bare shoulders, exhaling his breath as a blasphemer heavenly choir on their sleepy eyes, and awoke as if he could hear angelic singing that silent avid cravings and lusts:

- I was watchin to me ? '- said as she stretched ... but she did not answer just simply smiled and continued as he reached his hand to caress her cheek: 
-So sweet ... you are so soft and delicate skin ... I love to see you smile, if I could get it were you forever this happy ... 
-You make me so happy ... My love

And to the hear her voice his eyes locked on her mouth by immersing in a languid echo soundproof a fleeting thought that even collapse time:

"... happy happy happy .. at the beginning are all so happy, every detail makes you happy, but then you begin with your suspicions if we are unable to make you love when she wants to do and when we want to, they too suspect, it seems that everything we did wrong .. and I. .. I just ... would always find this smile .. I ask no much .. But this time, it will not ... she's perfect "

 What's the matter , you stay Why so quiet at me , lol ... ?
- Nothing about , i was only thinking about somethings whit The Guys , they were right .
- Right about what ? -
- No , not at all .. the girls are beautiful when you smile ...that's all
- how you say thats GirlS? how many girlS?
- yeah i say .. all in general, all girls ... all seem so sweet when smile

- Am I all ?

- No, and love is just a means for me ... you're special for me

- No .. then you talk about sluts whit the guys .. i am a slut simply for you ? . i cant belive this...

- awww no shit ! .... Let it go ... , come here ... - said mischievously dragging at his side and getting up - hmmmm ... come here silly girl .. kiss me ..
-Not now I no longer want, leave me alone

- Why not, if I have not said anything wrong?

-you say this ... but no ..

-Fuck the girls .. no one will understand ....
-Really easy to understand do not say things you have no say ..

- But if I have not said anything .. just like I said you're beautiful ..!

- Sure .. think about it ...? -

Sure, I have nothing to think about and you are the prettiest girl in the world ...

-Exaggerating! hahaha

- Do not you silly ... see? you laughing again ... and you're beautiful, 'he said lie rushed biting mouth -

-Promise me then, you'll do me eternally happy .. and I will you do  to always smile

-I promise ..

And the minute after the little conversation they began to make love. Later stayed and He appeared with a bouquet of flowers and then invite her to a fancy restaurant downtown, and the next day they were hiking on a trip that was offering a route by train with romantic and the next month dinner you could see on the bookshelf entire collection of entertainments and gifts that had made him test her love. Everything was perfect ...
They made love day and night, and would wake up at night eating between kisses and hugs, caresses ate breakfast, visited a thousand places, showered gifts of all kinds ... and she could not stop smiling. And then He could not help but to want to go and tell the guys, wanted to share his happiness, and so approached the food market where one of them worked, in order to meet everyone and have everything in its absence months he had


John was there in one of the stalls, attending to the anvil blows his white apron ...

-Now you'll get it ... wait one second to finish this piece chopping
-Hey it's me .. John!,
- What's up dude .. you disappear and forget all huh?
-It's going to be .. just came to tell you the new ...
- What about the lottery you won the lottery ha ha ha?.

-No .. better ... I found the perfect woman ....
Hahaha-huh, but that exists? ... Well, well, tell me ..

-NO, come to that, I wanted to introduce her.

- I thought you had forgotten about ... ha ha ha

- Forget not that ever, I keep my promises ... but it's sometimes not as easy as you think ...?

-Come on dude!, come tonight we are, no more talk, I put the meat for dinner ha ha ha.

'I was waiting for ... dude, see you in the night ..

And that was that, when I get home I called her on the phone and told her dinner plans. She at first did not like too join with unknown, but a few flirtations enough to make her laugh and eventually consented to the match. So at evening, and they were ringing the doorbell of the house where they were left.

After logical presentations, it was observed that was the only girl Although being 12 guests and could not avoid be curious

- Can I ask you a question, if you will not tell, but as is so lovely that some guys like you do not have girlfriend, friend ... or that? -

Everyone laughed in unison and one replied:

-At the end is going be that we are not as awesome as you might think, and we're not able to do some girl so happy hahaha
-Wow ... so I do not know too much but you do not .. but ..
-Bah, Let it go, you have you here for everyone with your perfect smile will come .. sit down for dinner!.
Well lets go haha, who does not forgive me for asking, sorry

John joined the conversation.

-Come on,  leave you with questions, what about a bottle of wine for get started, because I have a delicatessen cooked ... you're going freaking out - and said the glasses and bottle in hand with a wink.
Uy-if I do not drink, I will be up to the head. - She said
-Hey girl, one day is one day, and not every day you lose your head .. we are among friends ...
-Well, all rigth haha just a little only

The little end resulting in a bottle after another, and she could not stop smiling at the jokes and the warm welcome so when I finally came to the dinner table could barely hold .

Well guys, I 'm going serving ... - John said
- I do not know if ... hip .. if I can .. hip - she replied unsteadily on one side and the other with his head resting on the elbows and then he came over and asked softly :
- Are you happy? .... my love -  He  whisper while he passed his arm around her shoulders

She looked up with half-closed eyes flashing a wide smile.

Yeah ... hmm ... hip hip honey am extremely happy ... hmmm

And immediately fell asleep still smiling , then John said :

- Is .. perfect - so another was added . :
- Yes, perfect ... - another continued .
- Yes, yes , it is ideal, in fact .. I think now is the time , and winked Him

A chorus of accomplices faces seemed to invite to follow, another said:

-I want to immortalize the moment .. I'll get the camera ...

He said:

- Will you have your honor, John.?

- How do not you know I am a specialist in these things? haha

He raises her head a little ... well see to it that beautiful smile of happiness that beauty - said he was carrying the camera and then

John grabbed the carving knife that was on the table and a professional cut, after a sharp blow to the neck dislocated and broke off of her head, that at no time stop smiling, turn the other guy immortalized the moment.

-Now if you'll be happy ... forever and ever, my love, you know I promised I would never leave you to make you smile ... - he said
Guys, John said patting went on the air and good as another's head for sale at the butcher .. lol every day are more guys in the club! -
-Damn dude is that if we do this ... there is no way to enforce that bitch and promise them happy forever ..! .. And I am legal Legally uncle, never break a promise ...
-You can swear them lasts for your cock up or empty pocket .. because if not all failures, suspicions and accusations .. nothing, nothing, they want to remain as Merry ...

Everyone laughed of her head while presiding over the dinner table.

-That is happy to everlasting .... sweetie ... it's so easy whit small details .... - said  he  while threw her hair behind her ear gently


liryc on english :
Missing in butchery
a kitchen knife.
In the park found
five children beheaded
One day
in Texas, Texas
One day

In the old slaughterhouse
a squeaking noise is heard
someone works overtime
and there is a strong smell of blood
One day
in Texas, Texas
One day
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Thanks my friend ( i guess i love scary and bizarre movies hahaha)
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